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Todays beach find was this little beauty. She was marooned under a few wet rocks so I decided to mover her down to a large rock pool, she was a rather feisty. Shocked I think it's a lesser octopus and spent most of her time a much darker red before flushing a pale pink. Not sure how edible they are but until I know what she is and how common they are I'm happy to watch them. I assume they don't nip and the UK one's aren't poisonous, anyone know?


You can't eat them, they're wonderful!

I wish I saw them on our beach. I think they are amazing creatures.

friend not food Wink

You can't eat them, they're wonderful!

So are most things, cycling round here the lambs look very cute, seeing the deer in the woodland all the time the venison is looking too cute to cull and I can just about manage to cook me prawns. Rolling Eyes Laughing The octopus is safe, from me at least.

I'm very jealous TD! It was a very big tide today wasn't it? Was it lower down than you'd normally get? How big was it?

It was roughly mid-way in the tide range, so on a part of the beach that's always uncovered but above the areas that are only uncovered by the very low tides. Assuming it was more of a deeper water critter was why I moved it, and reading up they would normally only appear at the very lowest tide so looks like it got stranded.

Can you not eat them because they're cute, or is there another reason?

Only curious, I wouldn't touch one.

They are delicious, and also very intelligent, although getting stranded in a rock pool is not too smart!

I'm with TD really. If I thought about it for too long I would be a vegetarian again. I don't think they are cute (feeling indignant here, goodness knows why), just fascinating.

They really do look alien don't they.

Just need a glass dome and they are kang/kudos from the simpsons
Northern Boy

You can eat them, they are delicious! I hooked one on my kayak and was very excited about dinner. Only for it to squeeze out of the scupper hole to freedom. So yeah, they're smart as well. Or I am stupid. Embarassed

Wow - what a find. Fascinating creatures.

Yes, smart/intelligent looking creatures, rather than just cute, I find hard to kill to eat. I'm sure I've heard people say before we only eat stupid looking animals. Cuttlefish are another that will be very tasty but hard to eat.

Beautiful...what a great discovery Very Happy

And one of the few animals who use tools. I found one on a dive once, which was using a bit of waste neoprene as a door to it's home in a rock. It held the 'door' whilst it was at home, hiding behind it. But it was too curious to stay there, and eventually came out to play.


And it reminded me to change the film quad at work, so a useful post. Smile

And it reminded me to change the film quad at work, so a useful post. Smile

You use Octopi at work?

Here's a photo of the one I found, now swimming free.
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