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Off grid in Spain


I'll like to tell you about my downsizing project in North East Spain.

I have purchased a 3 acre Finca with 70 Almond trees, 10 olive trees, 1 Fig tree and grape vines. I have planning for a 50m2, 2 bedroom casa. I am building the house over here (UK) as a modular house and shipping it to Spain to erect on site. The property has been designed to be very effcient. The wall construction has a u value of 0.2 and the roof is better than this with 300mm of insulation. I am putting a solar thermal panel on the roof, a 2kw wind turbine on the land a small wood fired stove with a 2.5kw boiler in the house and a 2kw deisel generator as back up, all fittings will be high efficient as possible. The water comes from the local resovoir, supplied to the property by irrigation pipes.
I will start the build in June and hopefully complete it by late July-Aug. I have advertised it for sale on a web site to see if there is any interest, and have had a few responses, I am not sure what I will do with it yet, sell it or move in. Have a look at [url] [/url]
Let me know what you think.


Excellent, good luck with it

This sounds very interesting! Where about in North East Spain?
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