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Sarah D


Is anyone here living off-grid? I know Judy does, but wondered if anyone else does.

Irene sort of does doesn't she?

If you mean for electricity, it's not practical for me so I'm working on the 'use less' from a supposedly green supplier who's name I forget.
Sarah D

Electircity, water, sewage, the lot.

We do for drainage, by using a septic tank. I would look at a read bed too, but the draining place is not brilliant, in that it is though one of my best, and flattest fields, and I need the field roon.

We are having water drilled this year, and our own purification plant set up. (Is that what it is called, holding tank, uv filter etc) The spot has been selected, and we are just saving up for it at the moment.

What sort of systems are you thinking of? Solar water heating? solar electric, wind turbine? water wheel?

Our house is off grid, off mains drainage and we use stream water for most things on the land.

We're connected to village water supply for the house, and we use shared washing machines and freezers in the village.

Why do you ask Sarah ?

Like Alison, 'off-grid' for sewerage. Have lived in cottages with private water supply. Never off-grid for electric, though I did look when buying at a couple of places that were - it wasn't that that put me off in either instance.
Blue Sky

I would love to be "off-grid" here but it will be some years yet if we ever achieve it. Septic tank going in soon. We have a well but as yet haven't used it. Embarassed Solar water heating is another top project (but if the summers are going to be like this year we got no chance).

Come winter we will do all our cooking and heating with wood which is a big plus for me so far.

So, Internet? I know we can use laptops on 12 volt supplies but would we get by without the connection (phoneline). I doubt that I would. Most of my veg and livestock questions & problems have been solved using the net. I got some good books but the internet is a wealth of evolving knowledge.
Sarah D

hardworkinghippy wrote:

Why do you ask Sarah ?

I am heading in that direction I hope, just wondered about other folks on here, what they do, how far they have got, etc. Have started down the non-electric route, making progress on that.

Thanks for responses so far.


It's the internet that keeps me sain.

Living in an little place in the middle of nowhere - no matter how idyllic, does get to you sometimes. Cool
Blue Sky

I know exactly what you mean Irene.

Personally, I will never be self-sufficient in knowledge.
Sarah D

To be honest, the computer will be one of the last things to go............
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