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offering free help to anyone 10miles from sennybridge

Looking to offer a few hours per week, on a farm/smallholding, within 10miles of sennybridge, further afield then Id need a little towards fuel.
I'm willing to do any manual labour, have experience of using igland winchs, and chokering timber, wood processing using horizontal wood splitter. Got my nptc chainsaw ticket for small trees, can hand milk (cows and goats) do most things with pigs and cattle, can care for sheep and horses.
I work 8 hour days usually, but start early, so looking from 4pm onwards usually, I cant commit times.
I'm hoping to do one day a week, with horses swapping horse experience for work.

If anyone knows anyone that be great.

That's me above. Got my old ID back.
I've found a place with horses. But like something quick to get to too. As horses just over 30mins away. My day job I spend about 3 hours traveling, so, extra 30mins each way adds up on energy.
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