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Oh Shit !

This is just what the doctor ordered. Sad

Surprised nooooo.

whatever is making them fall over it isnt good timing
Green Rosie

Govt have confirmed it is bird flu -

Part of the reason why it kills so many commercial birds is because there is very little genetic variation, plus the close proximity factor.

This means that if one of a commercial flock gets it, all it's brothers and cousins are potentially also not resistant, add to that the fact that those cousins etc. are all in the same shed and you have mass death.

Why on earth they always kill off all the survivors I have no idea. It seems utter lunacy to kill them off, instead of breeding from them.

Anyone know if the flock that got it had been let out at all?

It's a sticky situation, on the one hand keeping them in and keeping wild birds out, reduces the chances of catching it in the first place, but if any do get it, then keeping them in will make them all be exposed to high levels of the virus.

Stopping people moving their birds around (off premises) and getting them to keep shoes and clothes specially for tending to their own stock is good common sense, but making even domestic keepers keep their birds shut in in an attempt to stop it spreading is BS.

Apparently keepers are being asked to house / cover their flocks BUT SALES AND AUCTIONS ARE STILL HAPPENING.

WT actual F?
wellington womble

I thought that at first, but as (at the time) it hadn't reached the uk, there shouldn't have been anything to spread at auctions etc. Now it's a different matter, and I expect we will start to see movement restrictions.

I do wonder how the infection got in. Presumably, one does not see many wild birds in an indoor turkey unit. Poor biosecurity I suppose.

I thought that at first, but as (at the time) it hadn't reached the uk, there shouldn't have been anything to spread at auctions etc.

Really? There is no incubation period with this kind of thing?
That's lucky.

iirc similar to human strains ,ie a few days after contact before symptoms start to show

Restrictions ? What restrictions ? Mad

Had a great day yesterday. My wife and I did a ten mile hike around the North Staffordshire countryside and thoroughly enjoyed it but we did see at least six flocks of free range chickens at liberty and these could be easily seen from the road.
We drove back home to our part of Wales earlier on today and took the dog for a couple of miles and guess what? Yes. You guessed it, we saw three more lots of absolutely free range chickens.

Some use muggins here having gone to loads of trouble to house his flock. Mad

I don't care whether anyone else keeps their chickens in or not.

As long as they don't come onto my property.

If someone in this part of the country has his (or her, for the pedants) flock decimated by AI, I would be concerned, but only because it would suggest that the wild birds in my area were carrying a virulent strain.

There was a neighbour's hen that was often seen wandering free, that might potentially have been able to spread it to my flock, but some random guy's flock anywhere else is never going to be threat to my birds.

I entirely agree with NMG. I remember years ago, legislation was brought in after a nasty outbreak of F&M that would restrict the movement of cattle in any future outbreak, but because sheep often need to be moved to new grazing, NO movement restrictions would be applied to sheep. Daft muppets didn't think about stopping sales/purchases or even distance limits. So when it next got into the UK, sure enough, it was sheep sales that spread it across the country.

This report is quite close to us at around 50 miles away.

I'm keeping a watchful eye on my own poultry but rightly or wrongly I'm not too perturbed. I'm pretty sure that this disease has been visiting our shores for a number of years and the fact that its one's and twos that are being found with the disease and not thousands is also reassuring.
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