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Oi Pricey !

You found a house in France yet? your tea's getting cold. Laughing

Where IS Pricey? Anyone know?? He PMed me ages ago about my place, I replied ... and nothing, zilch, nada! Hope he's OK Confused

He's around - he's been playing Mafia.
Rob R

Not been seen since just before a golf tournament on Tuesday, he must have won... Laughing
Blue Sky

There are fields all around us coming up for sale. I've tried to talk him into one but he ain't having it. I so much want to make a commune of self-sufficient growers around here. I suppose it will end up covered in *townies* instead and we will have to move on ... Crying or Very sad

I am here, and I came 3rd Wink Sorry I have to sell Portugal before I can do anything, so I have not got back to anyone my bad sorry again.
Blue Sky

pricey wrote:
my bad sorry again.

Are you? I thought as much.

vote Pricey


Accounts for it all really, doesn't it. I mean EVERYTHING; all the world's ills, missing crops of 2009 ... and probably the EU accepting rude veggies Shocked
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