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Oil fired central heating and hot water

Hi I'm hoping someone can help - my daughter has moved into a property that has oil fired heating, the contractor from the council came and showed us how to fire it up and what to look for if it wouldn't come on. So when it came to bath night (with 5 kids) we turned the taps on and only warm water came out which by the time the bath had about six inches of water was cold.
Is there a thermostat for the hot water ? we were told it was a combination boiler so it heats the water as soon as you turn tap on. There is no immersion heater and tank in the property. It maybe that daughter has to ring council and get contractor back out.
Please bear in mind I'm in Portsmouth and daughter is in Market Harborough so simple instructions please lol !


There will be a thermostat for the hot water. It's usually on the boiler control panel. I can't be any more specific than that as I don't know what boiler you've got. If you can find make and model details then you can probably find a manual on lie.

Ah ha, American style plumbing!

As sean suggests, the first thing to check is the thermostat on the boiler. It may just not be hot enough right now.

However, if there's a bit of a pipe run between boiler and taps, you may just need to get used to running the hot water for a bit before you get hot water out the faucet. If that's the case, it's probably worth your while to look into having a hot water recirculating pump installed.

Basically you push a button a few minutes before you want to draw a bath or take a shower and a pump moves water from your hot water line into your cold water line for a minute or two until the hot water from the boiler has made its way up to the tap. That way you don't just waste water as you run the tap waiting for hot water.

Edit: and it always helps to insulate the pipes between boiler and end use, so they lose less heat to the surrounding air.
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