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Ok so what have I got?...

I'm pretty sure with some, not so with others. I know the welsummers and leghorns aren't a dead cert but am making a best guess for school and will let them know with more certainty in a few weeks. So...

Salmon faverolles - 3 males?

Legbars - 2 girls

Welsummer - girls? Or is that a boy on the left?

Exchequer leghorns - going on head markings and tail feathers coming in early I'm going with girls at the moment.

And no idea about this one, a legbar x faverolle but far too cute to not include in the pics!

What d'ya reckon??

No idea but those are seriously cute.

The Welsummer on the left is a boy.

Ah rubbish, still one of each isn't bad!

If the faverolles have beige in the feathering they are girls - the boys tend to black and white in the wings. I can't see well enough in the photos! There are several different shades in our hens, though, so I'd give it another week or so before you make a judgement. Top one might be a girl, but I wouldn't like to commit ...

All the faverolles look pretty similar in the feathering at the moment. I've had another look and the feathers just coming through on all of them have some beige/salmony colour. Clearly on the first one, can just see it on the last one and I think so, but could be imagining it on the middle one (that's the youngest so only 9 days old). I inclined to think girl on the first one too then and will see how the other two develop over the week. So I think I have 4 girls so far Smile

Faverolles all look to be girls now Smile
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