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olives uk ?

this aft i spotted half a dozen small and rather messy semi bonsai olive trees in pots.
less than a m tall twisted, twiggy and covered in ripening olives Shocked

they are in a sunny sheltered front yard strip with a nice warm wall behind them but i was surprised that they had cropped that well.

if that works i recon a suitable south facing sheltered spot would be worth a go, they are a long term planting investment but garden like you will live for ever Wink

york had a couple of decent fig crops as well.
Mistress Rose

They are not very reliable in the UK, but there is someone growing them commercially in polytunnels in the south of England. There is also someone growing apricots on the Isle of Wight, and they may well have had a really good crop this year. I haven't seen them lately, but I know the apricots didn't always fruit well. Figs will also grow in the south of England, but again, erratic fruiting unless on a south facing wall.
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