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One duck left...

This morning we lost one of our ducks (old age we think), and now we are down to just one duck. We're not wanting to get any more ducks, but instead concentrating on chickens. We're now wondering what we should do with our single duck?

Our options are:
    -Leave her where she is, in a grassy area with shelter and water

    -Put her in with the chickens (3), and provide a separate sleeping/drinking/watering area for her

    -Give her to someone who has ducks

Our issues with the above, are that she is now fairly old for a Khaki Campell (c.5 years), so may not take too well to being moved to a new home and introduced to new ducks. Likewise she may not like being with the chickens (although when we first got the ducks they were in the neighbouring run to the chickens, so she has been around other poultry).

Any thoughts on what to do for the best?

I'd stick her in with the chickens. She's unlikely to be completely unfamiliar with them and she will still have you for familiarity.

retired yard duck seems like a nice dotage Wink

should be ok with civilised chooks, see how it goes, it might be more down to the chooks than the duck if she is accepted as a honoured guest or eaten.

Okay, she's going in with the chickens, and we'll assess the situation to see if either takes a disliking to each other. She was very quacky this morning, probably wondering where her buddy has gone, poor thing.
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