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Dee J

One for the plumbers. Zone valves.

Our newly developing heating system (work in progress) has a wood stove heating a thermal store tank using gravity/thermal syphon circulation. There will also be a 'heat leak' rad connected in parallel (emergency overheat in case someone with suicidal tendancies keeps stoking the fire beyond reasonable limits). This rad needs shutting off during normal operation, and only switching on a)'cos we want the heating. b)'cos the tank is overheating, and crucially c) under electric failure. This means we need a spring-open/motorised shut valve. A Honeywell V4043B1257 seems to fit the bill except for the proviso ' continuous operation of the valve motor is not recommended'. Any ideas or other product recommendations?


I would have though that with a suitable sized thermo store with a gravity feed / flow you would not need a heat leak rad. i thought they were to take the exess heat in a power cut with no water flow. Your thermo store should do this if big enough. Thermos stores are not like a big hot water tank with all the water at the same ish temp. they work in stratified layers of heat. If you pump more heat in the hot area will get bigger. Whats the heat output of the stove for the fuel you are using (most quote for solid fuel but on wood its about 20% less) 7 what is the size of the thermo store. Are any of the rads on the thermos store also thermo syphon? Heat leak radsv are all about fail safe safety. Any mechanical device can & will sieze up so just when you need it most it could fail.


PS I am no plumber (looking at doing some thing similar my self so have been reading up / doing research for the ideal system) so seek profesional independant advice.
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