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One hive, 2 queens...

OH looked at his hives this afternoon and in one, the colony rescued from a friend's porch roof space in May, he saw, to his total astonishment, 2 queens on the same comb...quite close to each other and each apparently co-existing. A quick google search and a phone call to his mentor and I gather it's all about supercedure; but his mentor, who's been beekeeping for over 35 years has only seen this once before and wished OH had taken a photo!

So my question is, who of you beeks out there has come across this before..?

So, Pete's the only one, then?

I've never seen it but I have had a colony supersede their Queen a few times. I'd love to see though!
Mistress Rose

Husband says this happens during supercedure when the bees keep the old queen until they know the new queen is laying properly. Usually the other bees keep them apart though. He has been keeping bees for about 35 years now and he hasn't seen it, although knowing it does happen.
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