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Orange and Lime Marmalade ?

Has anyone tried this?

I have had a suggestion from the ranks as to what I make with the half kilo of oranges that I have left....
Jam Lady

GZ, Just because I wrote a book on making sweet preserves there's no reason why you should think I know what I'm talking about. But . . .

Lime is a more "delicate" flavor / taste than orange. You'd probably be better off using limes separately.

But there are all sorts of options and possibilities to tweak orange marmalade.

Orange marmalade with Scotch whisky is wonderful. Rum is also a possibility.
Orange marmalade with molasses (or sorghum but I don't know if you can find that)
Orange ginger marmalade is lovely.
Orange cranberry marmalade is another option for me, but I gather cranberries are scarce / expensive for you.

In general, think what you would do for a fresh orange plus X recipe, then think if that would work for a marmalade.
wellington womble

I can’t comment on the marmalade, but I have just cut into wedges and frozen a couple oranges. They are lovely in a Seville orange gin or marmalade vodka and tonic. Either of the spirits would be worth a crack a making in my book, too b

Thankyou love4

I did wonder...I have made a Tangerine and Orange that was very fragrant..just have to get the right Tangerines/Clementines...I'll follow my nose!

The limes will go for Lime Marmalade, I found half a dozen reduced to 9 pence each..I need a few more yet!

I have a friend who freezes all her slices of lemon and lime from her G&Ts and makes marmalade with them when she's gathered enough. Delicious.
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