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Organised chickens

Northernmonkeygirl has organised the heck out of us and I have just put in a first hatch of Khaki Campbell ducks, Barnevelder large fowl and Barbu d'Anvers bantams. We've got Salmon Faverolles, Cream Legbars and Pekins thinking about coming in to lay. I am extremely cheerful - I thought I was going to have to ditch the Faverolles and Legbars, but the extra help has meant I can keep a breeding nucleus.

Also, we appear to be growing a lot of skirret.

Kindly send her to our place next. Smile Well done you. thumbup

Don't count your skirret til it's self-seeded.... Wink

I love it when you speak Latvian. Rolling Eyes

Very Happy

I we get a chance to rejig the back garden, I can get Howard to make a bigger run and extra house.

If I can locate Marsh Daisies, I think I can sneak in a Fav.
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