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OSR honey

My brother brought us a big bowl of completely solid honey. It bent the spoon taking some out, but it tastes really surprisingly good!

You can heat it a little to make it slightly easier or try an Ice cream scoop.... Laughing

I'm not sure what to do with it storage wise. It's currently in a large mixing bowl with no lid.

The OSR honey I've tasted hasn't had much flavour compared to a good mixed flora. The only way to stop the set is to cream it, otherwise you will constantly be heating it to melt, & everytime you heat it loses more of it's flavour & aroma.
I'm glad it doesn't grow near me.
Mistress Rose

We have had OSR honey and I rather like it, so it is a matter of taste. My favourite ever was OSR and field bean.

You could cover the bowl and store it like that, or heat it and put into jars. I find a sturdy knife a good way of getting it out of the jar.

In the 17th century there was a type of honey known as 'stone honey', and as there was a patent for extracting oil from OSR, I rather suspect it was OSR. In addition, a method of extracting honey in summer was described, so again, rather think it may have been OSR.
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