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wellington womble

Ouch. Spiky!

I have scrumped a couple of bags of sweet chestnuts. Obviously, I need to take them out of their husks, but do I need to do anything with after that? Are they best roasted and frozen or will they keep as they are? Can you really boil them? Is there any way of peeling them that keeps the shell out from under your fingernails?

yes they can be boiled

if boiled leave them in the water and peel them one by one while still as hot as you can stand to handle,a small sharp knife parallel to the flat side from the nose to the base will split them for a twist/pull ,you can then remove the flat face fairly easily and finally pop them out of the other part of the case (rub off any remaining inner case as that is the bit containing the immodium like substance).

boiled (possibly a quick toasting for a roasty taste) gives a softer and moister product than roasting and is better for stuffings,cake fillings etc etc .

best cooked from fresh as they will rot and or dry out if stored raw.

once cooked they freeze well,can be candied in syrup etc etc etc .

oops forgot to mention for removing them from the prickly cases a quick roast seems to open them ,

messing about with gloves etc is slow ,step on them in boots(not the chemists) can work if they are ready to pop open
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