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Our bat visit

Mark found this little fella on the ground this afternoon outside our kitchen door.

We wonder whether he fell out of the sun umbrella as he opened it before we went shopping. Someone has told us that if they fall in bright light, they can land badly. This guy stayed for a 10 min photo shoot, then flew around the room and out the door I opened.
Gorgeous, so cute and much smaller than I had imagined. Very soft, mole like fur.
Very Happy

Lovely photos, Nanny P. What kind is it ?
Bats are great.

The one in the house just now was actually quite large (sparrow-size body), so I wonder whether it was a pipistrelle.

There are 3 types of pipistrelle apparently, and on another forum the opinion is they are too difficult to tell apart.


Nathusius Pipistrelle 46 to 55 mm

Kuhl's Pipistrelle 40 to 47 mm

Common Pipistrelle 36 to 51 mm

This one's body was only the size of 3/4 large moths so much tinier than I had ever imagined. I could hardly feel him gripping my finger, he was feather light.

gives me the willies but very cute i wouldn't be able to hold it Laughing

Well, the bat has just dropped out of the closed umbrella again, right in front of me and flown off.
So, it seems that it's sleeping in there, and our voices yesterday and today have disturbed it.
We quite like knowing it is sleeping there, and can leave the umbrella closed.....just a shame that voices will frighten it each time. maybe we could move the umbrella?

dont handle bats ,if you must handle them wear gloves they often carry type 3 rabies

Yes, I have had several retrospective warnings Confused
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