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Our House.

Its still up for sale and we've just put it on with this website. Until we manage to relocate we're very much in limbo. We've enjoyed living here since 1988 but just need somewhere more central so that we can get to see our four grown up kids a little more often and easier.

What a fabulous place, whoever gets it will be a very lucky person. It must be hard to leave it. Will you be looking for another small holding?

We'll have to. I'm very much enjoying our current lifestyle and I'm not prepared to hang up my wellies just yet.

i hope it all goes well and it is a smooth transition for you and the livestock etc .
Ty Gwyn

Where are you looking to re-locate to Bodger?

Somewhere a little more central. Shropshire, Herefordshire, Brecon.

Good luck Bodger! I am sure the ideal buyer for such a lovely property will turn up soon ★
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