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out of date brown sauce

April 2011
Don't fancy eating it, but has worked well on cleaning some copper items Very Happy

My record for a bottle of HP was 8 years old
Mistress Rose

It is brilliant for cleaning really dirty copper as it stays on well a then can be washed off. Only trouble is it does smell a bit.
Mistress Rose

It doesn't go off quickly. The use by date is only a guide, so if it is not out of date by much should be quite safe.
Sally Too

Opened a jar of marmalade dated Aug 2009 the other day. Quick sniff - all fine - delicious on bacon!

If the brown sauce was still sealed, it is likely to be ok because brown sauce has such a high acid content (which also makes it a good cleaner).... but that's not advice - just a comment! Laughing

We have house/dog sat for a local ex bigwig ( so she considers herself ) and even her daughters said DON'T EAT ANYTHING IN THE HOUSE. If we had a war she could feed the village for six months......ok a bit of an exaggeration........four months LOL Think the oldest thing we found was 2005, along with a 2009 jar of opened coffee, and that was without seeing what lurked at the back of the larder which hadn't seen the light of day for many a year.

Not adverse to eating out of sell by date products, great fans of Approved Foods, and we do tend to work on the principle if it smells ok eat it, but there is a limit especially on the selection of opened items in the fridge circa 2010.

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