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Jo S

Page numbering

Maybe it's just me, but I've just noticed that when I go to the last post on on a multi-page topic, whether by clicking the link from the latest posts page or from the update email, the 'page x of y' bit at the bottom is wrong ... I've just been told that I'm on page 122 of 123 despite being on page 123...

Click to see full size image

It works fine if you follow the pages normally.


says 123 of 123 for me.

Mines the same, BMS... Confused

The new pagination system is still being tweaked, so I am sure that this issue was seen. The question is are any problems still happening?

I've just had it. But when I paged forward and then back again it righted itself.

Can you explain very clearly what you see and when? I am sure I will get it sooner or later but I'm still not quite sure on exactly what people get.
Barefoot Andrew

This link is the final post on the saddos thread.

Page numbering on the left says "page 6 of 7" instead of "7 of 7"; nav on the right correctly shows page 7 as the current page.


If you then click back to page 6 and forward again to page 7, it goes right, though.

Ah had not looked left Laughing that is fixed.
Jo S

Very Happy Ta!
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