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I'm looking for a paint that is water based if possible - I'm trying to achieve the mother of pearl effect inside a shell and I hope to paint the inside of a large clam shell I have made from paper mache - can anyone a suggest a supplier/brand/make ??


Well, emulsion paint is essentially water based. Tester pots from B&Q?

It'll need a varnish of some kind to add lustre, easy to blend emulsion colours too.

making a MOP effect paint is not easy(especially if it must be water based) .

as it is a paper based project using layers of thinned pva and fine tissue paper (bleach and brusho can adjust the colors)is a good bet to give a pleasant finish .

this might give an effect close to MOP with a bit of practice, it can be quite an adaptable technique.
Mistress Rose

I think there is a method of making a sort of marbled effect if that is what you are after using oil based paint floated on water. If you put marbling into a search engine, you should come up with the method.

I know this is not water based but as an alternative idea, what about painting it with nail varnish? Loads of different lustre effects!

Thanks for the suggestions.
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