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painting laminate kitchen table

I'm looking for some guidance on painting an oak veneer effect. We bought it new from Ikea but it only came in black or oak veneer and we want it white or blue. I've seen lots of variants on sand/prime/paint/varnish, some advising particular no-sanding primer, and some using floor sealant instead of regular varnish. I was wondering if anyone here had done anything similar and what they found had worked best.

MDF primer produces a "non-slip" finish on shiny surfaces, & this avoids lots of brush marks when painting & provides a good key for the new paint to adhere
stumbling goat

A coat of Zinsser B 1 N primer will stick to anything and give an undercoat that you can paint whatever colour you wish on top of.

The finish is smooth, the colour is a shade of ivory. I have used this as a top finish coat on woodwork instead of gloss.



Sand with 120-grit paper to provide a key, then prime with a solvent-based primer - Zinsser or International or Johnstone's are all good. Let that dry completely, then sand that gently with a 300-400 grit paper, Then paint two coats of whatever colour you fancy, using the fine-grit paper between the first and second coat.
Don't use a brush for the main flat areas, use a foam mini-roller; you'll get a much more even effect and, naturally, no brush marks.

Would "cupboard paint" also work on a table - designed to go on to shiny surface?

Well, we've taken the radiator and repaired and painted the wall and fixed the table on and so far it looks good.

I failed to measure the space needed to open the cupboard door all the way so now it doesn't quite open fully but it's still an improvement on before when we couldn't open it at all without moving the heavy and broken table.

I'm thinking cupboard paint may be the way to go, as long as I use good solid mats afterwards and resign myself to having to repaint it every now and again.
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