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Pallet Weighing Scales, Drum dollys....

I hate ebay, so before I go through the process of being intensely annoyed, is there anyone interested in purchasing any of the following:

*Pallet weighing scales
*Drum dollys x 4 (can be sold individually)
*Drum trolley
*IBC mixer
*Pig ark
*Sheep hay feeder (has a cover, wheels and troughs)
*Hurdles - 4 quite new, probably about 4 less new - I think they are 6ft but I'll check if anyone's interested
*Small livestock trailer - again, I'll check size but it does fit at least 4 pigs or 8 sheep in comfortably. Needs some TLC. TAKEN

I'm sure there will be more stuff but I can't think of anything right now.

Not looking for top dollar. Will consider any reasonable offer.

Is A drum dolly a "machine" for moving 200 litre drums of whatever round the place? A picture would be good if you can. It is something work could do with 2 of! I will ask the question when I know what they are exactly-thank you in anticipation.

Yes, the drum dolleys and trolley are used for moving 200 litre drums about. I will take photos of the actual dollys and trolley tomorrow but for reference:

This is a drum dolly:

Drum trolley:


*I forgot to add, I also have a drum lift. Goes onto pallet forks and clips round the drum.

Advert for Drum Dollies:

If anyone is interested, please let me know.

I will ask the question at work for the trolley, if it hasn't gone. I will do it via pm if that is ok. We have a set of chains that we use for lifting drums and I also lift them by the lips at the top which is so dangerous, but a trolley would make life easier I can only ask

Yep. Not a problem.
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