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Parasol Mushroom and other stuff


Got my first Parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera) of the season during my lunch hour today. It was right next to some wild garlic too. This mushroom is definately in my top 10.

I have a picture with some stuff I collected in the last few days: Wild Garlic, Parasol + Oyster Mushrooms, Chicken-of-the-Woods (now in my freezer) and a pot of Wood Sorrel.


Wow! That thing has no business being out this time of year! Good find Laughing

Good going Pete, I didn't get out today in the end. Sad

I must say, I like the ability to go out and have a look around in my lunch hour. And I live in a town too.

The Parasol mushroom came from a patch that fruited last year (in a group/circle of about 9-10) in the middle of October and again in the middle of November. It was one of the first mushrooms that I picked. I walk past this area almost everday so I always have a look just in case. However, it is odd to see it at this time of year, especailly given last years fruiting pattern. I will keep my eye out for anymore. There is rain on the way and you never know.

One other thing. With all this foraging I find that am am eating more but eating better too.

Good finds, and I love the photo too.

Nice one Pete. I found a small COTW today when I had half an hour to spare wandering round Bramshaw enclosure. Not much else though.
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