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Parasol or Shaggy Parasol, can be something else?

I've picked what I think is a Parasol or Shaggy Parasol.
The stem is thin and about 20 cm long, with bulbous base and a ring close to the cap.
The cap matt white-creamy with brown scales.
This particular shroom has the cap closed, but the other ones had a cap open of about 20 cm diameter.
Found in a hill among birch, pine and oak, on the ground, encircled by vegetation.

I've cut the stem, gills and cap, but haven't turn orange-red, just a bit darker.

Is there any poisonous fungus easy to mix up with a parasol?

My OH (Sean) asked this self same question a short while ago. If you scroll down the topics in the foraging section you'll see the thread.

OMG, thank god the post was not a poison snake. How did I miss it?

Thanks anyway. I think am going to give the Parasol a go.

It would be wrong to say that you can't ever make such a mistake; I would say that a good starting point would be to look at all of the macrolepiota species at Rogersmushrooms, and also make absolutely sure you know the amanitas. You would struggle to make a mistake, though.

The first time a cut the stem near the base, didn't change colour. But when I cut it near the cap, it turned to a pink-red colour, and I cooked it full of joy. Very tasty with olive oil, garlic and dry chili in a wee cazuela (al ajillo).

The good news are... There are lots Cool
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