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Pass through mains socket.

What is your understanding of this phrase?
I recently ordered a power supply on the understanding that it had one, and it has arrived and hasn't, so I wanted to check that I haven't got myself an obscure definition that nobody else uses before I get annoyed about it...

not a clue mate ,no peaks or troughs is as far as i understand .

No idea.

Thank you, that is probably good enough.
If a customer asks for something you've never heard of, you ask what they are on about, rather that saying yes.

They've invited me to return it, I'm just not sure it is worth the faff.

Do you mean like on the old PSU for computers?

They were available with just the port for power input or with the added pass through port for stuff like monitors as well.

What sort of power supply is it?

Exactly that, thank you Richard. I thought for a moment I had been being slightly odd.

I remember those. Haven't seen one in a long time.

I'm fairly sure that some of the ones I was looking at had them.
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