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pasta salad

Anyone got a foolproof recipe for pasta salad that would contrast with a rice salad? Am having to help with a cold buffet and need some ideas! The rice salad I colour lightly with turmeric and use an oil and vinegar dressing, and wondered about "pink" mayonnaise (tomato puree?) But what to put in it (as in the bits). Green stuff in rice and red stuff in pasta?

Bear in mind this one uses jars of ingredients, so will need 'modernising' to nice things, but when I was growing up mum always used to do her pasta salad for parties by using a jar of sweetcorn and pepper relish mixed into mayonnaise and used to bind the pasta together. It was always foolproof and the little yellow and red bits looked very nice in the dressing.

I reckon if you used roasted peppers instead, and a little finely chopped red onion and some sweetcorn, you could get the same effect without resorting to a jar

Make a sauce with tinned toms, onions, garlic and chilli. Whizz it up with a blender. Add roasted peppers, different colours, chopped up. Just stir it through your pasta. Easy peasey. If you wanted a bit of meat in it too, you could add some cooked bacon lardons or some chopped fried chorizo.

I do a mixed pulse & pasta salad with cooked green beans but I do use a garlic vinaigrette.
Might work with a mayo type but IMHO night be a bit heavy.

Oooh, I love pasta salad.

My own recipe calls for fresh tomatoes, canned (tinned) ripe olives, fresh cucumbers, cheese, pepperoni, or cubed ham, and bottled Italian dressing.

At least this is my version of pasta salad. It's similar to what we call a pasta salad over here, but I am prejudiced to my own cooking.

Chopped and sweated onions, a clove of garlic, and coarsely grated carrot. Myabe a red pepper too. Add a tin of tuna in sunflower oil, all flaked up together with the oil. Add some herbs like thyme, oregano, marjoram, or parsley.

Use penne pasta, and add chopped up olives and perhaps a tsp of wholegrain mustard. You could also use chopped up gherkin/ dill cucumbers; or capers.

eek pastsa salad is a work of the devil, I avoid it at all costs. Make a nice salad with couscous instead.
couscous,tin sweetcorn,chopped spring onions,red peppers ,chillies,chopped apple and a light tangy dressing to suit your taste.

What great ideas! Madcat, much as I like couscous it is a bit similar to rice; I'd definitely do it at home, though!

And what's the panel's opinion of ordinary versus wholemeal pasta?
Apart from the fact that wholemeal takes such a long time to cook ....?

Even though I prefer wholegrain bread, rice, couscous, I would use ordinary white pasta (or the tricolour stuff). Wholegrain pasta is just toooooo stodgy, especially in a salad.

If it is for guests, I would use tri colour, to make it look more appealing.
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