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pasties, yum yum yum

first make pastry that is
and deliciously nutritious

it needs to be strong enough to use the crimped rim ends as a handle and to hold the contents while munching happens

it needs to be suitable to bite bits out ( see ends and handles ) without the pasty falling to bits , a corner should be strong enough for later in a pocket

a part worked soft flour shortcrust is practical , i will try to quantify it asap Wink
i tend to use a measure of about that and a bit more of that but having an excuse to play pastys is ace

for a veg and meat combo it requires each element to be seasoned separately and combined in layers.

oven protocols matter

i managed to get it down to half a page of A4 and a half decent chef got it pretty close in one try so i will see if i can keep it simple and perfect

back later Very Happy

Can't wait DPack, I love a good pasty. evil4 thumbup
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