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patching up the wounded

chomski got bit ,partly his fault as he isnt very good at reading the signs and although he ran when told to he decided to stop to tell it not to be silly.

the couple of puntures are not too bad,shallow and self cleaning but the rip on the front of his shoulder was about 4cm long and spread about 2 cm in the middle.

as he seems to have greyhound rather than saluki skin stitching or staples would be a waste of time as the stitches would almost certainly tear out .

anyway he was very good while i tidied him up and cut 5 large butterfly closures which seem to have held so far as the sticky bit is well attached to his fur especially with the micropore tape border to help it all stay on.fingers and hooves crossed he will leave it alone till the edges knit together otherwise it will be sore for a lot longer and leave a rather nasty scar.
he was very good when he cut his leg on broken glass so i recon he might
a standard buster collar would be counter productive as it would catch on the wound but if needs be i can probably make a suitable version

poor chap has been very brave as i know it must sting quite a bit.

once ki saw him down she was on a mission to protect him which she did and fortunately as it ran she listened to me and abandoned her intended kill.she definitely had bad feelings towards the other mutt.

the other folk seemed quite concerned we were going to demand vets fees etc etc but as a vet could not have done much that i havenít done it seemed silly.

as their one is a bit bitey when i see em again i will let em know there are no hard feelings but i will suggest a muzzle for off lead play same as he has to curb his overenthusiastic catch instincts.

tea is a little late today Rolling Eyes

Ecch. Hope he leaves it alone overnight.

Hi Dp.

I use this on my animals including the geese. It is for children, stops infection and speeds the healing process. Non sting, slow release iodine. It does work. Is there a UK equivalent?


ta for the hint,there is a veterinary equivalent in the uk but i will check for that when i pop out for more sticky tape and melolin dressings.i normally use magic splosh but as that is oil based it makes it tricky to get adhesive butterflies and tape to stick to fur.

so far so good ,he hasnít tried to remove the dressing so fingers and hooves crossed the edges are still fairly well lined up.
he squeaked a fair bit when he had to get up off the sofa to go for a wee at 3 am but he is tucked up again and seems sort of ok if rather subdued.

he has had some veterinary canine nsai (fortunately i had some in stock post ki's dental work) to deal with any bruising and reduce any swelling and i will top that up this am along with some more valerian to help him stay still.

the last veterinary hole that size i had to deal with was on the side of a bull and it looked quite big on glen but at least his one wasnt under tension as he had quite baggy skin Rolling Eyes

as chomski seems to be sensible about such matters and is very cautious about moving around im hoping that i wont have to change the dressing for a few days and by then the edges will have knitted.
i will use my nose (and other sensors) to monitor him for any signs of infection and get a vet to call if he needs antibiotics.

hey ho ,mutt duties,poor chap.

I'm just glad he's sensible about it. Whenever I need to patch up my cat I see him rolling in the gravel shortly after.... Rolling Eyes

i managed to get the necessary supplies and have changed his dressing , he was very good about it. he is an excellent patient and my precautionary muzzle for the dressing change was really not needed.

the butterflies had held it fairly close and although it has opened a bit the "slot" is only about 5 mm so hopefully the new dressing will stabilise it at that and he should heal up ok but he will have a rather noticeable scar.

plain Aloe Vera gel is good for all living things that need patching up

ta ,good point ,i have one growing. i will add some to his dressing mix when i change it

I hope the patient is doing OK.
My vet gave me some spray on herbal stuff for Woody when he was learning to scale the fence Rolling Eyes
it was between his legs near his castration scar and had gone uinnoticed for 24 hours Embarassed and it healed really well.

maybe try glue if you are faced with a tricky wound another time?
i've had success using hair ties and glue on many a tricky child's head.
superglue sticks skin far better than anything else I have tried it on.
wellington womble

Don't they glue the hair together over scalp wounds sometimes? Might be worth a try on a dog, given the adundance of hair!!

That was the intention behind the creation of super glue in the first place

he does not have much length or density to his hair ,grey x smooth saluki.

he has even less where i just removed his dressing to change it .

the tear in his skin has opened a little in the middle but as it is starting to granulate at the edges and seems clean and healthy with almost no swelling and no necrotic skin. i just redressed it and hooves crossed nature will fill in the gap with some decent scar tissue..he has a smaller dressing now i know he is unlikely to try to remove it and the tear seems to have stabilised so it needs less compression.

he was very brave and only wriggled once as i "waxed" his neck groove ,even warm damp micropore tape is a bit sticky on that sort of skin/fur.

Good result Dp.

Badger dislocated one of his hind legs a few weeks ago....went back in but left a bump and he walked on three.

I've been massaging each day and it has improved with him now using all four but gingerly. I massaged him whilst in the sea which he hates.

Hope the hound stays quiet for you so that the wound can keep healing.

ta,dislocations are nasty and take time to heal (even when they do the joint can be prone to repeat pop outs)

massage and excercise while floating is ideal if you can persuade him that he is a water baby rather than a landlubber.
i wonder if treats might help him enjoy his therapeutic dip?

Hi DP.
Only one of the five, Rap, loves the water. When he sleeps I think he dreams he is a Newfoundland.
When I take the dogs in, Rap is always alongside and does help in reassuring.
Sea baths help to keep down the ticks, never any on Rap.
Last photos of your hounds they were on the beach....may be time for some more pictures!


Don't they glue the hair together over scalp wounds sometimes? Might be worth a try on a dog, given the adundance of hair!!

we used to tie the longest bit of hair in the wound area in a knot over the wound then blob on the glue to wound. wriggling 2 year olds held by anxious parent = quick as you can!

his fur is shorter than flock wallpaper,im good at knots but .....

at the mo he is dressings off,the tear is granulating well,all but one of the punctures are clean and dry ,one puncture, on his bum, is still draining but seems clean and although it looks quite sore it should be healing from the base.
the thing with deep wounds is to avoid sealing the hole and forming an abscess, so far so good with this one as a combo of nursing and doggy tongue is keeping it drained.

chomski update.
the tear on his shoulder id 5 mm wide now and healing well,all but the deepest of the punctures have healed up and they are now scab off.

the worst hole on his bum has filled with scar tissue and looks clean with no infection or will be a little while before i consider it healed though.

he can scamper properly but a ten mile walk yesterday did make him a bit lame in the back leg with the biggest hole and most bruising,
i spose he got away lightly ,a small mutt would have been very badly affected by those wounds,and he seems to have responded well to good nursing and wound management.


ps i was told about a wound management technique to deal with pulling tears. one makes multiple small cuts in the skin (like a fancy pie crust) beside or behind the wound to allow the main hole edges to come together with no seems sensible if one can give the patient a general A'. or get them to agree to it with a local.probably not a technique one should try at home on a bouncy hound Rolling Eyes although i will remember it just in case i need it at some time.
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