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Midland Spinner

PAYE Real Time Information

Have any of you used BPT RTI yet?
Midland Spinner

I'm struggling to even set it up. Because I have to choose one of three statements - none of them is correct.
I really really don't want to lie to the revenue, even if that's the only option. (I haven't received any of the forms they mention, so I can't honestly choose any of the options).
Someone in HMRC doesn't understand logic.
Until I sort out which of the three statements that aren't true is the one that I'm supposed to tick I can't set it up.
Until I set it up I can't draw any money out of the business.
Until I draw some money out of the business for the two of us, we haven't any cash.
If we have no cash we can't buy cat food.
If we can't buy cat food we are going to be very very very unpopular with the bosses of the business.
john of wessex

The comments I have seen from those in the know suggest that the whole project is a bit 'iffy' to say the least
Midland Spinner

But they don't give us a choice - we have to do it (well, we could pay someone to sort out our payroll for us, but that's money we can't afford).

That's the gumment supporting small businesses for you.
Mistress Rose

We are using Brightpay to deal with our monthly returns. Husband managed it last month, the first one of the new system, without any trouble. It is free for small businesses and easy to set up he says.

If there is something you don't understand Midland Spinner, you can phone HMRC and get them to help you. They can sometimes be quite helpful. It is if you get things wrong they can sometimes be awkward.

I do agree though. It is all very well insisting that everything is done on line, but that is not helpful to a lot of people. I notice they have pulled back from the stance that if you don't get your monthly return in on time you are liable for all sorts of dire penalties. Perhaps someone pointed out to them that they were leaving themselves a bit open if their end didn't work. Smile
Midland Spinner

I've had really bad experiences with the HMRC helpline in the past.

For a start, they only work office hours - which is when the light is good and I'm making Things. I only remember to look at admin after hours, which is when they aren't around.

For a second, I can rarely get through - it always seems to be "exceptionally busy, please try later".

And finally, I've been told in the past that I've exceeded the amount of time they are prepared to talk to me then they put the phone down.

I've emailed my accountant for advice and am waiting for them to get back to me.
The main problem is the tax codes - which would still be a problem with Brightpay.
Midland Spinner


That stumped the accountant a bit as well - he had to go & think then ring back. In the end we chose the least worst incorrect statement and set it up.

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