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Dee J

Paypal Verification

I've used my paypal account quite a lot this year and it's now flagging up that I'm near my limit and I should get verified? Seems to involve linking it to my bank account - but it already is, isn't it? How else do they access money to pay for stuff? On the paypal website there's mention of direct debit stuff as well... does anyone have concerns over that sort of stuff? Am I being paranoid? Or does it generally work out OK


Same thing happened to me, I just ignored it. Guess I'm paraniod too. Confused

It is easy to do.

I think they put a 1p tranaction through and when it comes through on your bank account you put the coe in, next to the transaction, onto our verification page on pp. I did it years ago, so I may be a bit hazy on it.

It's fine in the scheme of things. Just monitor any linked accounts regularly and notify your bank if anything suspicious happens.

I've had several of these in the past few account is already verified, and I have had no problem using paypal to buy things online with, despite the email asking me to 'click on the link' and verify my details.

I have taken these emails as phishing attempts and deleted them.

always log into paypal direct, never through an email screen. if they want you to add some info, it will be on your profile when you log in independantly. I've used paypal for years and periodically they do want to check something, but it will show up on their site, you don't need to go through a potentially dodgy email to get to it

As Sally said, they do periodically want you to update or verify certain information but always do it through your account.
Dee J

Thanks all. I may well proceed with caution.

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