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PC monitors

It's been a while since I bought a new one, well over 10 years... Local shops don't seem to stock many so I have little idea about modern quality.

Can anyone recommend a modern monitor? I would rather have a reliable crisp clear screen rather than a huge cheapie. Adjustability would also be good as I wish to see the screen but don't want a sun tan from it.

I would start off with Samsung but their TVs seem to have dark corners and I would find that annoying on a PC monitor if they also suffer from that.

I have a few flat screen Dell monitors lying around. If you willing to handle the postage I can send the best of what I've got to you.

Thanks for the offer VP but I'm after something 20" or wider. The price isn't really an issue it's finding a decent one.

Somewhat confusingly there seems to be more connections than just VGA & HDMI, looks like I have to consider DisplayPort as well. Confused

I'm currently considering this Iiyama Prolite 24" one, reviews seem to be ok and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

Anyone used a modern Iiyama?
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