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PDA's/Palmtop computers/gadgets- choosing?

I used to have a third hand Psion 3a and really liked it, it was handy on the train when I was working on text based projects, battery lasted forever, fitted in a pocket and that kind of thing. I'd like a slightly more modern equivalent, ideally something with a colour backlit screen (better for working in poor light) and if it was nifty enough to transfer stuff to my laptop later using nothing more complicated than a usb cable that would be a major bonus. It needs to have either a small keyboard built in or the option of one of those folding or roll out ones so I can use it at the library for taking notes, those mobile phone style keypads are too slow for what I want it for I think, though I do like the idea of the ones you can write on, and I want to be able to use it as a diary/organiser/planner as well.

Problem is, I have no idea how to compare and contrast the various options so I thought I'd see if anyone here has one and can recommend a model. Its going to need to be quite out of date now if I'm to find a cheap one on ebay, but things have moved on so quickly in the last few years that I'm quite confident that what I want will be fairly standard and I don't need all the video and sound capabilities that seem to be the current standards.

Anyone have any idea what I might want to be looking out for? Anyone got something that might fit the bill to sell or trade? EVen just keywords to start googling on would be good, I'm not totally clueless with IT but very very nearly, so knowing what words to look out for would be a good start Very Happy

The Psion was excellent, I've not used any of the modern ones.

I was wondering about the next Psion up, I think its the 5mx, but wondered if there were other equivalents before I started looking in earnest

Unused 5mx with 55minutes to go:

Slightly less robust (than a 3a) but pretty damn good.
wellington womble

I had a palm Vx, which was excellent - did everything I wanted in a small package. Now I have an XDA IIs, which is not as good - it does have more functionality (word, excel, keyboard etc) but I don't use those thigns. The phone on it is rubbish (I now have a seperate phone) and the internet is very, very slow, so I rarely bother with.

I think it comes down to getting what you want out of it. I wanted a mobile outlook, basically - and that's what the palm did best. If you want palm top windows, then an XDA (though probably without the phone) would suit, I think.

i use the palm treo 680 my self its a very good palm top computer and a quad band edge-10 support phone to boot
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