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laura's chicks

Pedigree OSB weeners ready mid July, Wigan

Oxford Sandy and black Piglets
Boar is from Clarence Lines and Sow is Alison.
Birth Notified and can be registered at a later date
Good conformity and markings
6 x Gilts 80
4 x Boas 60
Available when weaned from mid July, deposit required and viewings are welcome

Welcome aboard. Smile Maybe tell us a bit about yourself/your pigs.
laura's chicks

Hi we breed OSB's a variety of rare breed chickens, and we also have some hybrids, geese ducks and rhea on our smallholding just outside Wigan

hi there are rheas "interesting" like other big flightless birds? , im fairly robust about critters but up close and personal with an ostrich was rather "worrying" ,i have only tried it once and intend to keep it to once Rolling Eyes

it wasnt aggressive ,just interested in eating my hair.
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