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Penny's Chocolate Brownies


  • 325g dark chocolate

  • One and a half bars 325g ish of butter ( )

  • 500g sugar (any I happen to have - caster, normal, brown, demerara)

  • 6 eggs

  • 225g flour

  • 300g Walnuts if you want them (I usually leave them out, as my lot don't like them)


  1. Melt chocolate and butter until no lumps

  2. Beat eggs and then beat in sugar

  3. Mix chocolate mixture with egg mixture

  4. Add flour and mix till all smooth

  5. Add walnuts if wanted at this point

  6. Pour into tin/tray. I either use one big roasting dish, lined with greased baking paper, or two smaller square dishes. It doesn't seem to matter much. If it's thicker it just takes longer to cook.

  7. Cook initially for 25 mins at 180 deg, and then look at it. When it's cooked it's gone lighter coloured and crusty on the top, but is still quite gooey inside. I do another 5 mins then check, then another.... when done, it just looks crusty and cracked on the top, yet not wobbly, just a bit gooey underneath.


It will continue to cook when you take it out. If I do get it out and find it's just too gooey when it's cooler, I put it back in again for a bit.

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