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Persil bottles

We can't buy any ecologically marketed cleaning materials here in Bulgaria, and have gone with Persil liquid for our clothes washing. I have tried making soap in the past for the washing machine and was not very happy with the result. But has anyone any good ideas what to do with the strong plastic bottles it comes in?

Hoping that ecover will turn thier attention to Eastern Europe eventually.... Shocked

our recycling service will take all plastic bottles these days, is it possible there is a recycling centre in the area that will take yours?

whaaaaa Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

A recycling center????? If we took them down to Greece maybe?

There are now some recycling bins in Bulgaria. But there are as far as I know no facilities to use the collected materials, as first they have to build up the habit of collecting, before they either build something or send it abroad. Currently the bins are emptied into landfill. They were collecting glass but I think the only glass factory closed down recently.

Our recycling facilities here in Bulgaria is the very effective Roma community, who pick through all waste for reusables, clothing, metal, etc. Cardboard is collected but we have yet to find out where it goes.

Green ideas have a long way to go in Bulgaria. People will tell us that the village rubbish container is getting full so they have helpfully taken a cart load down the road and dumped it into the stream. They expect praise for this great bit of community action.
Having said that, there is less rubbish being dumped now than there was four years back. Until recently dropping litter was seen as an act of personal freedom as under communism people had to 'volunteer' to give up their one free day a week to go out in teams and clean the streets. If you didn't do this you got reported to the police!

Urinal? I work with children who are wheelchair users and some of the boys use these to wee into while they are out and about if they can't access a toilet. They are ideal as they have large opening and once its used and the lids back on, nobody suspects whats inside.

Good idea! I will save one in case....

They can be cut into a spiral and used for plant supports, or cut into plant labels. Bottles can be filled with water when the freezer is emptier to fill the space and save energy.......maybe used to dissolve some grated homemade soap to use as washing up liquid.
Maxwell Smart

Make a boat?
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