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Pet owners renting homes

I just found out about this and thought I’d share. I haven’t had a proper read through it so not sure how helpful it would be to people trying to find a pet-friendly landlord, but hopefully it will be of some use.

“Dogs Trust's Lets with Pets website, where pet owners, landlords and letting agents will find everything they need to know about privately renting with pets”

We have a friend who lets his house and is now having a nightmare!
Last tenents move out and he refurbishes, repaints etc. Few months later new tenents (with dog) move in. 5 months down road, tenents claim house ids infested with fleas which they claim were there previous to moving in(not our dog, mate).

Friend employs pest control co and has house treated, paying for tenents to move elsewhere for 2 months.
Tenents move back in and then give notice....
Tenents then make noises about compensation for new bedding,beds, kids clothing etc!

Friend very angry, but feels helpless - how can he (or they) prove that the fleas were dormant months and months ago or not!!!

I would say, if there was really a flea infestation when they moved in, it would have shown before the five month mark.

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