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pheasant casserole recipe anyone?

I have an almost endless supply of pheasant, and am happy to prepare them (taking the breast meat off mainly).
But when I casserole it it always tastes just a little tough.

rather than casserole i usually stew them with root veg for a few hours which seems to work even with the toughest of birds.

overnight in a slow cooker is another option esp with late season ones

ps i dont like hung game (or old carrion as i think of it)and the above works with ones that are still warm when they reach the kitchen.

dismantle and marinate either in spiced yogurt or wine is another option and softens em up for roasting or bbq.

if roasting use plenty of fat either by "larding"with a knife and strips or by wrappind half breasts in bacon,fast hot roast then rest for 20 mins works better than dry roasting.

I dont like hung game either.
I will try the slow cooker - Ive never tried it before (had one in the cupboards for yonks).

Slow & get some fat in there I reckon. Bacon or chorizo or a bit of belly pork.

I start off with some (say 6 per bird) shallots and lardons in a thick pan with a little oil to start off with (couple of teaspoons). Sweat for 5 minutes.
Separate breasts and legs from each pheasant - dip in flour and then add to pot. Brown for 5 minutes, stirring all the time. Then add read wine to cover and a couple of Bay leaves.
I usually put the rest of the carcasses in to add to the taste. You could use half stock/half red wine if you can't bear to use that much wine.
Simmer gently for 30 minutes with lid on, stirring now and again to stop anything sticking to pan. Add peeled/cooked sweet chestnuts.

Simmer for another 20 - 30 minutes (lid still on) again stirring now and again.

I've done this many times and the pheasant is never tough - falls off the bone every time.
Very nice with mashed swede and other winter veg.

I usually do it with 2 pheasants - enough for 4-6 people.

thanks all. Laughing

ps i see no reason that cider would not work as well as wine Wink

Its on the table as we speak!
I made rather a lot so can freeze some for another time.

hope it is yummy Wink

It was yummy, and the slow cooking really helped with the tenderising. Will deffo do this again!


making confit with the legs is another option if you want a quicker meal from the crowns and have legs "left over"

I cook mine long and slow with root veg, don't forget a couple of sticks of celery, a glug of red wine, bouquet garni and a few juniper berries.
When it's cooked I hoick it out and pull it all off the bone.
Then remove the herbs from the cooking liquor and blitz it.
Put the meat back in the now thick liquid, it's very good I'm told.
Don't eat it myself.
Any left overs go into a pie a couple of days later.

I could do with something other than casserole. We are a bit fed up of pheasant casserole. Smile

Pheasant Ramen
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