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pheasant forensics as a cook

i was given two pheassies and they are now in the pot.

an observation was that the girl was shot with 3 pellets 2 of which would have been quickly fatal.
the boy has about 10 holes,shattered legs,internal mincing etc.he looks like roadkill which is ok in stew but would disappoint as a roaster.

i think my point is that with a choked shotgun it is best to have a bit of distance to the target otherwise it looks like it was got with a grenade.

they smell yummy though as they have only been hung for 2 days rather than being off as i think of it.
Colin & Jan

Sometimes its dogs which do the damage when pheasants/partridges are being picked up. We have one particular Labrador on our shoot, which liquidizes everything it can get its teeth into; doesn't matter whether it's dead or alive. We normally have to check through the birds at the end of the day to see which he has 'retrieved'.

yep ive seen that as well my yellow hell hound was rather hard mouthed until the bird expired (he didnt need em shot or run over first ,lurking in a bush was good enough) this one was shot from vertically below at about 10 m .

very yummy (and ki got the legs) Very Happy
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