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photo downloading problem

Got them from the camera to the laptop ok, but alI can see in the file is a grey square for each image with JPG on it and the number underneath.
I need and usually get thumbnails.....

help! Confused

I have at least five weeks' photographs to sort,including a LOT from a week on Lewis.....just had laptop and printer back from having tlc, sorting problems and re-installing Ubuntu Studio 14.04....I don't need yet more problems Mad

If you can copy get all your images onto cloud storage e.g. Dropbox, Onedrive etc. as a precaution before trying to resolve image issue on the PC.
oldish chris

Hi gz, you sure you're on the best forum for this? When booting up Xubuntu, I get the desktop with no images, and the .jpeg files lying about on my desktop look as you describe. Two seconds later - desktop re-displayed and everything is as it should be. To me this infers that in your case a bit of software isn't being turned on. One of the Ubuntu forums would know.

I'd install something like F-spot photo manager. (Assuming that it isn't one of the default Studio applications.)

Stick the SD card into someone else's computer and see if the images look OK from there? If so then heavy sigh of relief! and work on options to extricate them to your computer.

I'd be VERY wary of doing anything TO the SD card on anyone else's computer, particularly if it looks like you might have a problem.

If they don't appear as normal on the second computer maybe stop at that point and involve the services of a file recovery agency?

Went back today and all the thumbnails were there....think I'd downloaded a LOT...and it had said Sheesh, I'm not doing all THAT lot now!!

I seem to have lost F-spot when I went to Studio, lost a couple of useful bits when 14.04 came in. On the whole I'm managing Smile
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