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barrel browner

Pictures of my miniature muzzle loaders

Four miniature working muzzle loaders[/img]

Very pretty.

I rather like hammer guns. I have a Ardesa underhammer which shoots very nicely.

Those are very nice by the way.

Ooh, guns for the Nac Mac Feegle Wink Laughing Laughing

They look good

Ooh, guns for the Nac Mac Feegle Wink Laughing Laughing

They look good

They don't need guns! Surprised

No, but it'll make it more interesting Laughing Laughing Laughing

Pilgrim1975 posting.

My personal favourite muzzle-loader is the famous Baker Rifle (of Napoleonic Wars fame). Far from being typical of the inaccurte muskets of the time, the Baker Rifle had much greater range and accuracy owing to its rifled barrel that gripped the ball and caused it to spin in flight, giving the greater range and accuracy that Riflemen craved. Incidentally, while normal infantry of the time carried smoothbore muskets, to be selected as a Rifleman was considered a great status symbol for Napoleonic soldiers.

To give you an idea of how much more accurate the Baker was compared to the musket, at the battle of Salamanca an Irishman, Rifleman Plunkett, shot a French general in the neck at a range of 800 yards. An impressive shot for a rifleman today, but near unheard of at the time.

I'm also a military history buff, in case anyone was wondering.

Me thinks Pilgrim 1975 & Bloke off the Telly need to get together.
Barrel Browner those are beautiful pieces.
Why where they made miniature?
& when you say fully working do you mean proofed & able to fire as well?

Magnificent examples of the gunmakers art - they look original too - could have come out of a dolls house from the royal family ! What is the history of them please ?
Le Loup

Small M/Ls

Beautiful, I prefere full size, but these would make a great conversation piece. I guess however that these need to be licenced & therfore locked in a security cabinet. Pitty.

I am seriously impressed! Very Happy
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