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pig chat

half a pig into smallish roasts

2x 3 bone neck end chops for pot roasts
4 sections belly pork
2 shoulder cuts
2 leg cuts
hip cut
back bacon in salt
spare ribs n a bit of spine
2 paws
tail and half a face for brawn
a few odds n bits

mannish soup with assorted offal sieved to broth(the ex vegan liked that even once i told her what was in it ) and dog meat (the dogs liked that)

the hip cut was footie hoolie slashed with a stanley knife and salted and roasted for dinner it made ace crackling and was served with tings (4 hrs cooking of that stuff is not included in pig time )

antique boning knife
demolition saw
small damascus steel cleaver
diamond steel sharpener

pig in a day seems a bit slow but i spose practice helps .

i used the saw about 5 times to cut long bones,the front few ribs and the shoulderblade.
i used the cleaver to cut and separate the spine by cutting at the proper place to separate vertebrae rather than chopping at the bones .mostly it was done with the boning knife .

a good boning knife is a rather special tool

half pig cut ,wrapped and put in the freezer (bacon salted in fridge as it is a small bit ) in an hour and a bit Cool

a few years back that would have taken me 4 hrs ,i would have made messy cuts ,the hounds would have been chewing the paws etc etc .

imho practice is good and butchery is a skill most folk can learn

be bold and try it ,maybe next beast i will make a dpack how to video ,i dont think delia ever uses a demolition saw Laughing

Did you know said porcine personally?

not this time which is a first in many years but i do know where it was raised .we were all missing porky products so a few weaners had a happy summer and "turned out nicely".
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