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Pig question

I have recently done a trade of sheep for pigs and have now got 2 pietrain sadleback crosses and 2 sadleback micropig crosses does anyone have experience of these crosses and the potential sizes they may reach its the "micropig" crossed with a sadleback that I'm wondering more about is the sadleback genes likely to be dominant or the micropig?

best guess is the normal size genes would be dominant otherwise the world would be full of tiny pigs and breeding big ones would be the specialist option.

wait and see should decide if my guess is well founded Laughing

I was working on the same logic when I did the trade, but thought it worth asking if others had experience of the cross and the results

I use a pig fb group where micro pigs are banned.
There isn't really any such thing as a Micro pig. Most, if not all so called Micro pigs get to be pretty big and with 50% Saddleback blood coursing through their veins, your animals will almost be sizeable.
Your first cross Pietrain/Saddleback pigs will be well worth having.
Green Rosie

Grrr - I tend to get rather annoyed when people talk about micro pigs. They don't exist yet unscrupulous dealers pretend they do purely for financial gain. I blogged about this a while ago:

sausage mountain
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