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Piggy Manouvres.

Piggy manoeuvres and a spot of offender rehabilitation.
Its been all change on the pig front this weekend.
Things kicked off yesterday when we gave the two serial escaping Large Black weaners a second chance. We have two mains electric fencing units and we decided to beef up our defences by putting them in a run energised by the biggest and strongest of the two. It only has two hundred yards of wire to power up, so it hands out a right belt to anything touching it.
Its early days yet and touch wood, so far the little varmints have stayed where they're supposed to be. We've also done the conversion on the second hand oil tank and they seem to be enjoying the full mod cons that their new prison accommodation has on offer.

Today, it was the turn of our two hopefully pregnant girls Dot and Gladys to go for a walk. We gently walked them from across the fields to the farmyard and into their respective recently refurbished maternity rooms. I'm about 90% convinced that they are in the family way, so its definitely fingers crossed. If things go to plan, the first one should farrow on or around the thirtieth of this month and I haven't got a clue about the other one. scratch

We love these pigs and it would be very sad if they don't produce and we have to send them in. Sad They've proven to be real characters.

Here's some mug shots of the girls and while they're behind bars at the moment, as soon as the weather bucks up a bit, its my intention to let them stretch their legs for a couple of hours each day in a paddock that we've prepared for them.


And now Dot.

As a youngster, Dorothy was never in a position whereby she could afford the services of a private dentist.

Patrick the visiting GOS boar was seen doing the business while we were away. Our daughter was on pig looking after duties. However, when I enquired as to which one of the sows it was that was indulging, she replied " the spotty one' so we don't really have an idea as to which one should be producing on the thirtieth, but by the looks of them, I think that it will be Gladys to farrow first. Fingers crossed please. Very Happy

i enjoy styes news

here's hoping the skps settle in

nice snaps ,the retasked oil tanks seem to make rather good homes

I'm glad that someone does Deepers. thumbup
I can't decide whether or not to give up, or to further burden our members by putting a thread on about my chicken keeping.

I might not always comment but I always enjoy your piggy photos and the commentary that goes with them

Very Happy

Bodger writes a good post.

I enjoy them but I don't always post because they make me a bit sad the I don't have pigs any more.

I might not always comment but I always enjoy your piggy photos and the commentary that goes with them

Very Happy

Me too. Very Happy

I might not always comment but I always enjoy your piggy photos and the commentary that goes with them

Very Happy

Me too. Very Happy

And me - no chance of us having pigs but it's lovely to see the pics and hear how they are getting on. Vicarious pigging! Cool Very Happy

I too love the piggy pics and would be delighted to hear about the chickens. I'm sorry if I don't comment but I'm often lurking Confused Piggyphile

Same here, I always look and have an ahh moment, pointed the pics out to Tim as well. We hope to have pigs again one day. Do post about chickens as well. Always have an interest in other peoples poultry personalities. Bodger

It looks as though Gladys is intent on having piggly wigglies tonight. sean

Good luck. dpack

wrap up warm ,flask of soup bottle of cider ,enjoy

i find midpiggery rather satisfying

She kept her legs crossed through the night and there wasn't any new arrivals this morning. sueshells

Bother - I was hoping there'd be photos.

Good luck for whenever.

Anything happened yet Bodger? Bodger

Nothing doing yet Marion. Both pigs, Gladys and Dot are humungus but haven't let any milk down as yet, so they could still be quite a few days off producing.
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