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Piggy photo time again !


Great oaks from little acorns grow?
I thought I'd take advantage of it not raining for five minutes today and take these pictures. Here's Theoaks Josephine ( pet name Gladys) our five year old GOS Sow. We've had her for a year or two and she's had two litters here with us and hopefully she'll go on for a good while yet. She's a lovely old pig. Smile Her next litter is due on or around the second of February.
The next photo is of her January born gilts to Carhall Patrick. Because of how the naming system works, these three are all OvertheGate Josephines . If we'd kept any boars back, they these would have been OvertheGate Patricks.
The third picture is of Gladys's last litter which were born in July. They'll all be off for the freezer at the end of January.


Lovely. I love GOS.

Bodger's pigs do always look as if they're having a good time. Smile

I was dead chuffed to pick this E-mail up first thing yesterday morning.

Hi John

Just a quick note to say how much we have been enjoying the pork we got from you a couple of months ago; my brother has told me it is the best pork he thinks he has ever eaten! When we collected the pork you showed us the new piglets and mentioned that they should be ready around the end of January - is this still the case? If so, would we be able to order three half pigs - one half for me, one half for my brother and one half for our parents?

Let me know.

Kind regards

The only problem, is that all of the January pigs are spoken for and it didn't help matters losing a young pig the other week with a twisted gut.
Its nice to know that I must be doing something right. Like everyone else, I love a little bit of praise.

Perky looking pigs Very Happy

nice snaps,they always look happy.

is that a bathtub wallow or has it been a bit damp?

Rather damp? Its been bdoolly awful. Laughing

I've got some pigs that are going to be sold on Sunday and then the one's in the picture will be moved to drier ground..
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