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Pitted shotgun barrel question

Hello folks

I have inherited a .410 shotgun that belonged to my great-grandfather. The problem is that the barrel inside is so badly pitted that it is probably unsafe to fire. The whole way down the barrel is rough. I have fired it before, but have decided to stop.

Is there anything that can be done?

I have seen similar guns in good condition go for about 150, so it isn't worth a great deal, but more sentimental in value.


You could have the barrels sleeved or replaced, but that would cost several times the gun's value. You could always get a gunsmith to deactivate it so it could hang on the wall, or get the gunsmith to submit it for reproofing - it might come back OK, if the pitting isn't too bad, or the barrel might burst!
Best to have a gunsmith look at it anyway...
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