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planning permission

Can anyone tell me if I need planning permission for a shed 3metres wide and a maximum of 6metres long? It is 2.4m to the eaves and the roof slope would be on the long sides to the centre to the apex at 3m high. Sort of standard garage in shape but longer. I am wanting to use it as storage and a small workshop at one end.

the local planning dept?

There's a Government website to find out just this:


Google for permitted development for your local council. The answer is your probably fine but it depends on the area, your house and neighbours.
wellington womble

The planning portal is quite useful.

The purpose is important as well. Even supposing the dimensions are sound, the land classification is important. My garden leads onto my land, which is not garden. I cannot put domestic use (or ancillary use or use ancillary to the enjoyment of the dwelling) buildings on the land. Thus my greenhouse and vegetable beds are unlawful. So your potential workshop (if it were used for a hobby and domestic maintenance) would not be lawful on my land. It would be lawful in my garden. If you were using it to pluck and process turkeys for sale, it probably would be lawful on the land, but not in the garden.

And yes, my neighbours would tell!

Because it is 3m high, you shouldn't site it within 2m of the boundary.
I see plenty of sheds and cabins that breach that rule though. You'll probably be fine unless you have cantankerous neighbours.

Thank you all very much for the information. My mind is at rest now as having read the planning portal my shed appears to breach nothing. It's blanked off from everyone around by trees and a road -thanks Lord for evergreens planted about 15 years ago and around 25-30ft! More importantly it is around 3m at the top of the apex and less than 3m to the eaves. It is also in the confines of other buildings on my holding so should be ok, happy boy now-more thanks! I will be using it to store and process timber.
I will be even happier tomorrow when it goes up!
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