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Planning Regs again.

Could someone please explain why I can put a poly-tunnel in my garden and not have to have planning permission,but if I want to put it on a bit of agricultural land(haven`t got it yet!) it needs planning permission.
I can only think that its a changeof use from agricultural to horticulture.
Said poly-tunnel would befor our own use,not for running a business.

Secondly,if we want to put a moveable field shelter on the land we haven`t bought yet,for the sheep we`ve yet to buy ,up to what size can we put up?

Who said you need planning permission to put up a polytunnel on agricultural land?

ETA. You may not need it. It's all down to how much land you have and if it falls under permitted development rights.

If it's moveable, I don't think there's a limit.

As for the polytunnel, it's because it could be commercial.

Case by case decision, and you probably don't.

When I had one to put on my smallholding in Garn it was 1. size and 2. distance ( from other buildings and boundary and roads )that were the governing factors

Thanks people.
This is all supposition at the moment,but it may be possible for us to buy this plot of land,but we won`t buy it if we can`t put up the poly-tunnel.
We are doing as much investigation before we commit.
Bebo,I did a quick call to the local council(Yeovil) (without giving too much information).

As far as Im aware as long as you dont have a concrete base for it and its not concreted in it okay. Did hear something about height being 7 ft or less.....
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