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Planning ? Showmans site

Hi , I'm interested in a property which was built without PP but has now got Certificate of Lawfullness for the site and the dwelling , I've been digging around its planning history and it says that its been granted for ''Show people '' to occupy only , Its a self built ECO/Timber dwelling, borehole and PV panels etc on 2 acres ,the owners look more like New Age travellers as opposed your run of the mill fairground folk with the giant trailers.and a load of Waltzers . can these sort of occupancy restrictions be lifted or ignored ? Thanks for any opinions

If it's a planning condition it is possible to get it lifted. You have to make an application to lift it with good justification as to why. If they local planning authority refuse to lift it it can be challenged at appeal, but the planning inspectorate will only lift it if there is a sound planning reason to do so.

get a ride or other "show" kit ,take it to show a year or whatever is needed ="show people"

might be a simple solution ,worth checking the definition of "show people"

Thanks for replies ,
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