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Plant id please?

There's a very pretty plant that has self seeded in an old chimney pot in our garden, does anyone know what it is?


I agree its pretty. Technically its a weed/ wild flower and it being that red means its a bit stressed by the growing conditions. It is something I only pull up when there is too much of it. Don't know the name. But if you look for pictures online with it having green leaves should find it.

Edited - I went searching and I think it is Geranium molle L. see

(Good website for search by the way.)

Wow thanks mutton, and that's amazing - I didn't know a plant could react like that. I will try to move it into a new pot with fresh soil.

I think it's herb robert. What does it smell like?

I think it's herb robert. What does it smell like?

I would have gone for a stressed Robert too.

Now they've said it, I agree on Herb Robert - which incidentally is close to the plant finder plant....
Geranium robertianum as opposed to Geranium Molle


I've just looked it up and it does seem herb Robert is right! Some sites seem to think it's meant to go red, so not sure if it is or isn't stressed?
It is absolutely pouring down outside so I will go and have a sniff when it (hopefully) stops raining.

I have the same plant self-seeded in neglected pots - I like its redness so keep on neglecting them.

i can see my one through the window,i suspect it is like many variable red/green plants and is more red in direct one is quite shaded and more green than red. that said it is in a rather high feed soil so in this case deciding between feed and light as a reddening factor is a bit pointless apart from well fed/quite dark=green Laughing

i have not tried it as a wound herb but it's insect repellent properties are somewhat over helps but compared to bog myrtle(best i know of and my benchmark plant for avoiding bites) or some others of the geranium family it aint that good.
spose tis better than nowt if it is what is available .

Most of my herb robert is on a NW facing dry stone wall which is against an earth bank. The plants are red at the top where they get the most sun and least water, and green at the bottom where it is least sun and most water.

I have observed them being red when they are weeds in unwatered defunct flower pots of something else that died and being red to me seemed to be connected with them being dry.

I've been out and tried smelling both the flowers and crushed leaves, and it has no scent at all. I'm sure one link I found said it smelt of burnt rubber? Does this mean it isn't herb Robert?

I have it too...self seeded all over the borders. Some I leave and some I pull up. I've left a large plant which is very helpfully camouflaging my blueberry plants from the birds. It's very pretty.

I agree on Herb Robert. It can get a bit red when in full sun, but the plant in the photo is definitely beyond that and showing major stress/dying.

I wouldn't bother transplanting, just move some seed. As it's a weed it will sprout up quite quickly and willingly.

Definitely one of my favorite weeds, even the stinkiness of it.

Chimney pots are quite dry environments usually - water in regularly and it might cheer up. Also give it a feed.
Mistress Rose

Smell is rather individual, so you may not be able to smell things others can and vica versa. Things may smell differently to different people too. I would say it is Herb Robert.

I view it as a weed, but like Foxglove, a weed that if it grows in an empty spot it can be left alone. And like foxglove it pulls up very easy when it's not wanted.
My mum reckons it gives her a rash and she has to wear gloves.
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